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Dreamy beaches, sea breeze, lush scenery, and exotic sunlight are the characteristics of tropical islands. Every tropical island has its charm and beauty.

Are you looking for tropical honeymoon destinations? Or planning your vacation on one of the best tropical islands for the coming holidays? If yes, this article is for you!

Dreamy beaches, sea breeze, lush scenery, and exotic sunlight are the characteristics of tropical islands. Why would you not want to go to such a beautiful place for your vacation?

Every tropical island has its charm and beauty.

Some flaunt their natural beauty. Others have authentic cultural attractions, customs, architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine. With so many beautiful tropical destinations, here is the list of the best tropical islands for your vacations.

Maldives Is A Tropical Paradise


Do you want to dive into paradise? Visit the Maldives!

Strung across the Indian Ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka, the 26 natural atolls of the Maldives are one of the most beautiful and iconic tropical islands. The Maldives is a surreal beauty with about 1,000 islands and exotic weather.

What is better than diving in freshwater and tasting the most iconic beauty? The beautiful location has 90 resorts situated on the islands of Maldives. Slipping into a crystal clear, soul-warming sea is the best therapy for rejuvenating your body!

The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to May.

Other things to do in the Maldives are swimming with manta rays and whale sharks. With water being the central point and many islands, Maldives is perfect for a cruise vacation.

Whether it’s the perfect honeymoon destination or the best tropical vacation, Maldives suits you all.

Bora Bora – The Pacific Isles are Woefully Overlooked

Bora Bora – The Pacific Isles are Woefully Overlooked

Little expensive, but one of the most exclusive and luxurious tropical islands, Bora-Bora is the quintessential South Pacific paradise dipped with lushes and soft white sand of French Polynesia. It looks like a green jewel dropped into an azure expanse of the ocean, surrounded by tiny islets bordered with bright white sand and a turquoise lagoon ringed by a coral reef.

Bora Bora, Tahiti offers pure paradise and a lot of romance. The stress of exceeding the budget washes away when you dip your feet into the soft and white sand of French Polynesia and give your eyes the best view. The best part about Tahiti is its tropical weather all year.

The place also has cultural appeal. The official language is French, and gourmet cuisine has the influence of garlic in it. The trip can cost you extra bucks but has the taste of a luxurious vacation.



Talking about tropical islands and not considering Hawaii is the wrong thing! The beautiful paradise, also called Garden Isle, Hawaii, is an exotic place with divine waterfalls, rainforests, and spectacular green coastal peaks.

Kauai, Hawaii, is home to one of the rainiest places on earth and comprises several microclimates. You can enjoy many activities on land like admiring the cloud-capped scenery from the cliffs above Hanalei Bay.



A dreamy destination for all people and one of the best tropical islands for spending your holiday! Bali is a beautiful tropical destination in Indonesia with sandy beaches, exotic temples, miles of verdant rice fields, and luxurious palaces.

If you get bored of pristine beaches or colorful reefs, you can visit huge volcanoes or pay respect to the Cliffside Uluwatu Temple. The resorts at Bali are world famous for their luxury and opulence.

Bali is a place for serenity and peace. You can pamper yourself here without the sticker shock. Bali is a budget-friendly destination for vacations. The food and accommodations are affordable!

The neighboring volcanic island of Lombok is also a popular destination, with less development than its famous sister island.

The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Do you picture paradise? Think of Fiji. The Mamanuca islands, Fiji, will never disappoint you. There are about 330 islands in the middle of the South Pacific. You will see the beauty of white sand reaching the depth of deep blue water.

Fiji is a popular honeymoon destination due to its weather and charming, cozy environment. Staying at a private luxury resort or the cruise will offer you the chance to engage in the divinity of these incredible beaches.

The island not only offers you relaxation on beaches but also includes sailing, diving, whale watching, and much more! Strolling on beaches at night and enjoying the sky full of stars is all you need to relive your life.



One of the best tropical islands and also known as the Pearl of the ocean, Mauritius is an island paradise off the coast of Madagascar. The place got luxurious resorts with facilities like spas and golf -courses to enjoy the best vacation.

Beaches in Mauritius are a high point. With turquoise water, beautiful scenery, and divine nature, Mauritius ranks high on the list of aquatic activities to do. Swim, walk along the beautiful beaches, go scuba dive, book a deep-sea fishing trip and do whatever comes to your mind!

Mauritius is famous for its endemic species of both plants and animals. The best nature includes hiking to Chamarel Waterfall, climbing Morne Brabant, and spotting some of the island’s many species of birds.

If you want to change your taste, Mauritius cuisine will help you. The cuisine influences Indian, African, Chinese, and French food.

With such lovely nature and exotic views, Mauritius is indeed a popular place to visit.



Looking for something to explore nature’s divinity? Seychelles should be your next destination! With beautiful boulder-rimmed beaches, coral reefs, and divine nature, Seychelles is perfect for nature lovers.

The only confusion that arises is in deciding which tropical island to visit. On Praslin Island, you can view the beauty of Vallee de Mai, a forest with giant coco de Mer fruit palms. If you are on beach aficionado, then visit laid-back La Digue because of the most beautiful Seychelles beaches. You can fulfill your tropical fantasies on the outer islands.

Other than exploring the luxuriant jungles, there are many things to do in Seychelles. Diving, surfing, walking on beaches, dipping your feet in the water, and relaxing!

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