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Fun Things to Do In San Antonio That You Might Not Know About

There are various things to do in San Antonio and the city is a great place to experience the culture of the Mexican border.

Looking for fun things to do in San Antonio? The city is home to several well-known attractions like the Alamo, the River Walk, and the Tower of the Americas. But there are also some lesser-known gems within this city that have a ton of potential for locals and tourists. With an abundance of natural wonders and fascinating history, San Antonio is the perfect place for anyone who loves to explore and discover new things. Whether you’re looking for indoor activities or outdoor fun, here are some ideas of great things to do in San Antonio that you may not know about.

Discovering The Culture Of San Antonio

The Culture Of San Antonio

San Antonio is a great place to experience the culture of the Mexican border. It is well known for its vibrant Mexican heritage and culture, as well as its Tejano culture. There are so many amazing things to do for people who love to experience the culture and history of this city. Try out some traditional Mexican cuisine like tacos, enchiladas, or tamales. You can also try authentic Mexican cocktails like margaritas or sangria. Some great places to visit to experience the Mexican culture in San Antonio are the Mexican Cultural Center and the Mexican-American Cultural Center. You’ll find great exhibitions, theater performances, and other educational events at these cultural centers. Another fun thing to do that explores the Mexican culture and visit the San Fernando Cathedral. This beautiful cathedral is the oldest in Texas and offers an amazing insight into the history of the Mexican people in the city.

Go On A Sunset Tour

Sunset Tour

Another amazing thing to do in San Antonio is to go on a sunset tour. You can choose between a river tour or a walking tour. The river tour takes you along the beautiful River Walk and offers a great opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. The walking tour takes place in East Village and provides a look at the history of the city, as well as a glimpse of the amazing art that can be found in the city. Both tours are great for couples, friends, and families and are reasonably priced. They are an excellent way to experience the city, especially if you’re only in town for a short time.

Run, Jump And Slide At Jumping Beans

If you have kids, or you’re just a kid at heart, a visit to Jumping Beans is an essential part of your to-do list. This indoor playground and playroom are located inside the Bandera Road Shopping Center. You can go to Jumping Beans with your children or visit this amazing place with your friends and end the day with a little fun before heading home. This indoor playground has a ton of fun things to do that will keep the kids entertained for hours. You can run, jump and slide on the giant indoor playground, or play with soft play toys like the giant inflatable tube slide and miniature bowling alley.

Visit The Museums

San Antonio is home to many amazing museums that offer insight into the history and culture of the city. The first museum that should be on your list if you’re visiting San Antonio is the San Antonio Museum of Art. With an impressive permanent collection, this museum is a must-see for art lovers. Another popular museum in the city is the Natural Science Museum of San Antonio. This is a great place to learn about Texas’s wildlife, including alligators and snakes, as well as its geological history. The San Antonio Children’s Museum is the perfect place to go with kids. With plenty of interactive exhibits, this museum is great for kids of all ages. Another museum worth visiting while in San Antonio is the Texas Cultural Center. This center showcases the diverse cultures that come together to make up Texas’s unique identity.

Grab An Eclipse Viewing Party Ticket

Eclipse Viewing Party Ticket

If you’re looking for things to do in San Antonio, you should definitely check out the city’s eclipse viewing party. 

If you’re lucky enough to be in San Antonio during an eclipse, you should definitely look into getting a viewing party ticket. The city is going to host an amazing eclipse viewing party on April 8th, 2024. Thousands of people from across the country will flock to San Antonio to catch the event. 

The event is going to take place at the Alamodome, which has been outfitted with special eclipse-viewing glasses and high-definition telescopes. It is going to be an amazing event that you won’t want to miss out on. Be sure to get your ticket as soon as they go on sale.

Go Rock Climbing At ILD climbing gym

Rock Climbing At ILD climbing gym

Rock climbing is an exciting sport that is growing in popularity. If you’ve ever wanted to give it a try, you should definitely consider visiting one of the many rock climbing gyms in San Antonio. 

This gym offers beginner to advanced climbing experiences, as well as fitness classes, yoga, and yoga Nidra. There are many great things to do at iL d, from youth programs to adult climbing classes. The staff at iL d are friendly and will help you get started with this amazing sport. Rock climbing is a great sport for people of all ages and skill levels. It is a fun and challenging way to get your heart pumping and improve your mental and physical health.

See A Show At The Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theatre

The historic Majestic Theatre is one of the more famous attractions in San Antonio. It is the oldest operating theater in the city and has a rich history. The Majestic is worth visiting if you love music, theater or film. 

You can catch everything from Broadway musicals to concerts by famous bands. The Majestic also hosts film festivals featuring award-winning films. You can visit the Majestic Theatre any day of the week, but keep in mind that there are different events every night of the week.

Walk Along The River Walk

River Walk

Another one of the amazing things to do in San Antonio is to walk along the River Walk. The River Walk is a popular tourist attraction that is worth visiting with or without company. You can walk along the river all the way from Downtown to the Mission Reach section. 

There are plenty of interesting things to see along the River Walk, whether you choose to walk or take a boat tour. You can also take advantage of the free WiFi on the river walk to connect with family and friends back home. These are just a few of the many amazing things to do in San Antonio. 

Whether you’re visiting on vacation or you’re a local looking for some fun, you can find something that appeals to your interests and energy level. San Antonio has so much to offer, and these are just a few of the many great activities that are worth checking out.


There are so many amazing things to do in San Antonio that there is plenty of visitor content online. If you’re interested in learning more about the local culture, go on a Mexican cultural tour. If you’re interested in outdoor activities, visit the San Antonio Missions. Still, other options are things like museum tours, a trip to The Alamo, and the South Texas Railroad Museum. And, if you’re interested in the history of San Antonio, there are tons of museums to choose from. You can also save money by staying in one of San Antonio’s many hostels. This way you can have access to some of the city’s best hostel amenities for free.

But, the real question isn’t what to do in San Antonio. The real question is, how much great stuff can you do in San Antonio before you run out of things to do in San Antonio? This list is just scratching the surface. You’ll find that San Antonio is a city full of interesting stuff to do that you never knew existed.

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