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12 Top-rated attractions and Things to do in Florida

Florida offers visitors various fantastic and beautiful places to explore. Everything from amusement parks to sunken gardens, renowned beaches, ancient cities, and hole-in-the-wall surprises!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Florida is alligators. But this state has much more to offer to tourists.  This former Spanish colony that joined the Union as the 27th state is much more than that.

This state offers visitors various fantastic and beautiful places to explore. Everything from amusement parks to sunken gardens, renowned beaches, ancient cities, and hole-in-the-wall surprises!

It also got miles of white sand beaches that are bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are some of the things to do in Florida. But beware you may have to travel a lot because they are dispersed around the state.

In this US state, you may discover Miami and its nearby neighbor Miami Beach; they are well-known for their Art Deco buildings, Cuban cultures, and beaches. The Florida Keys, which stretch for around 120 miles along the Florida Straits, provide more sun, sea, and sand towards the south. Come here to know more things to do in Fort Myers such as beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing.  This place also offers breathtaking views and exciting road trips. You can also witness the Overseas Highway, a marvel of engineering.

Florida’s top tourist destinations:

1. Fort Myers & Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers & Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers & Fort Myers Beach

There are several things to do in Fort Myers, but the main attractions in Fort Myers Center. However, there are dozens of other things like IMAG History and Science Center. That offers dozens of useful displays and thrilling encounters with wild animals. Not impressed, wait you can also touch live crocodiles and enjoy their show. Not only this you can experience Fort Myers beach hotels with a 3D virtual reality.  You can also enjoy at Inland waterway and bridge that link Fort Myers Beach to the mainland. It is situated on the edge of Estero Island. This exhilarating beach is renowned for watching dolphins. You will enjoy seeing how dolphins play in the sea. After this much activity, it may be possible that you are hungry. If yes, then this beach is lined by renowned resorts. They are very popular among families, couples, and celebrities. Many New England baseball fans go to Fort Myers Beach restaurants to see a Red Sox spring training game in the hopes of running into one of their favorite sports figures while exploring the area.

2. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach
Fort Lauderdale Beach

Due to its extensive and complicated canal system, Fort Lauderdale, which lies on the Atlantic coast, is referred to as the “Venice of America.” The beaches and boats in the city are its main draws. It was formerly a popular spring break destination, but today it’s a chic, smart city.

Fort Lauderdale Florida’s best beach is located in the center of the beach strip and is separated from the low-rise hotels, eateries, and beach stores by a clean, modern, wave-walked promenade.

3. The Florida Keys

Florida Keys
Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a string of 120-mile-long chains of islands. It is linked to the mainland by several bridges. You can also find various other things to do in the Florida peninsula near its vicinity. The destination is also very popular in Hollywood. Films like True Lies and Fast 2 Furious have been filmed in the Lower Keys’ Seven Mile Bridge. This bridge is one of the most magnificent bridges in the world.

Some popular islands are Key Largo, Islamadora, Marathon, Lower Keys, and Key West. Key West is the furthest and the most popular destination for tourists.  The famous US Highway 1, also known as the “Overseas Highway,” runs through this Island. You can witness several aquatic species and coral reefs in the seas around the archipelago. These species and coral reefs are protected by a marine sanctuary.

Visiting the Florida Keys may be a dream destination for many people. It offers great views and a peaceful environment to tourists. You can enjoy relaxing waterside in the bright sun and your favorite drink. If you are a sporty person then also there are a lot of things to do. You can try your hands on fishing, diving, and snorkeling. If these are your cup of tea, then you can try exploring local art galleries and museums. Not only is the place also famous for fresh sea foods that you can enjoy at various restaurants.  

4. South Beach

South Beach
South Beach

Famous by the name of SoBe, this tourist attraction is the neighbor of the world-famous Miami Beach. South Beach is famous for its fashion and its glamorous scene.  The wild party scene is one of the biggest tourist attractions in South Beach. Not just late-night parties, the place also offers world-class shopping experiences. You can also enjoy historic architecture and there are various famous bars located here. There are some of the best bars in Miami that you can explore with your friends. Miami Beach Gay Pride is a must to attend event in South Beach. This weeklong celebration will help you witness the vibrant colors of the city and its wonderful people

Today, South Beach is the busiest, wealthiest part of Miami Beach and a major Florida tourist destination. Along with its famed art deco architecture, Joe’s Takeaway, and shopping at Lincoln Road, and Nikki Beach are a few other tourist attractions.

5. Orlando

Orlando, Florida, USA Downtown Drone Skyline Aerial.

Orlando is a place that captures your imagination, starting with Disney World. The center of Florida is said to be in Orlando. In addition to Walt Disney World, it also boasts two other theme parks that are well-known internally: Universal Studios and SeaWorld. The city has expanded over time to include sizable water parks including Volcano Bay, Typhoon Lagoon, and Discovery Cove.

Large amusement parks have attracted visitors, especially during school breaks. That’s why there is a constant crowd here. Championship golf courses, upscale retail malls, and major shopping complexes are all available in this area as leisure opportunities for residents of the Orlando region. The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral and the Orlando Science Center are two other local attractions.

6. Miami


Miami, one of Florida’s most stunning cities, is situated in the southern part of the state. Miami and the nearby Miami Beach are quite different. Miami Beach’s laid-back vibe sharply contrasts with how contemporary the city is. The most alluring beach in Miami is South Beach, which is also known for its Art Deco neighborhood and hipster-friendly pedestrian zone.

There are several things to do in Florida with outdoor eateries on the beach that offer stunning views of the Ocean. In addition to the numerous historic sites on Flagler Street in downtown Miami, Brickell and the Design District are home to numerous upscale stores and dining options. The Over town neighborhood is well-known for its rich African American heritage and delicious cuisine. The place is famous for offering Caribbean flavors. It is worthwhile to see Coconut Grove’s old stone buildings and the Vizcaya Museum.

 7. Sanibel Island

 Sanibel Island
 Sanibel Island

Located 30 miles off the coast of Fort Myers, Sanibel Island is a perfect destination for a family vacation. The island has various tourist attractions like beautiful beaches, wildlife, and other forms of natural beauty.

If you are a wildlife admirer then J.N Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge will be the perfect destination for you. The Island has various luxury resorts that are well-liked by couples, families, and celebrities. One of the most fascinating things about Sanibel and Captiva is their commitment to conservation, which includes safeguarding the peninsula’s state and founding institutions like the Sanibel Sea School and the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation.

To inform visitors about the fragile ecosystems and breathtaking wildlife, several resorts also offer their own programs led by naturalists. Numerous dolphins frolic in the neighboring seas, along with turtles, manatees, and hundreds of other bird species.

8. Cocoa Beach, Brevard County

Cocoa Beach, Brevard County
Cocoa Beach, Brevard County

Cocoa Beach is also referred to as the surf capital of the East Coast. As it has given birth to a number of well-known surfers, including Kelly Slater, an 11-time world champion. You may have a wonderful time at Cocoa Beach.  There are various things that you as a tourist can do. And yes we are not talking about just surfing. You can visit Lori Wilson Park which has various recreational facilities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. If history or old monuments excite you, then you can visit the world-famous Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier.  And do not forget to visit The Dinosaur Store, which has a huge collection of fossils. We are pretty sure that you kids will love it. Some other top tourist attractions include Trent Art Gallery, Aquatic Center, Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park, and Surfside playhouse.


Florida offers a variety of outdoor activities and water sports for tourists. They can also explore the natural beauty and amazing parks in addition to stunning beaches and vibrant towns. Florida offers the best of both worlds, which is what makes it such a dream vacation destination. World-class attractions are located right next to an abundance of Florida’s best beaches.

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